Social Aspect – 1st email

Task 1. Write letters to your epals and then answer the following questions:

What do your e-pals do with their spare time? Do they play sports, what hobbies do they have, what type of music do they listen to and any other questions you might have? How is the school structured? What is the process to get a driver’s license? How is their family structured?

Task 2. Create a Venn Diagram on the topic "The differences and the same things between Russians and Americans" using the info from your epals' letters as in th example

This is a Venn Diagram. We're pretty sure that you want to ask what it is.So a Venn Diagram compares, or shows what is the same, and contrasts, or shows what is different by writing inside the circles. Please answer the questions, below. Then on the Venn Diagram compare what is the same by filling in the middle part of the two circles and what is different by filling in the outside of the circles: Left side for Russia and the right side for the U.S.A.
Here are the questions to cover the topic:
1). What is your favorite food?
2). What do you like to do in your free time?
3). How many hours do you spend in school/university?
4). What is your favorite subject in school/university?
5). What class do you find the hardest?
6). What is your favorite sport?
7). What do you like to do in your free time?
8). What kind of music do you like?
9). Do you wear uniforms to school/university?