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What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘religion’?
What does religion mean to you?
Is religion always a good thing?
With all the religions in the world, how do we know which one is best or true?
Do people choose their religion or do people’s parents choose it?
If religion is all about love and peace, why are many of the world’s conflicts and wars caused by religion?
If religion teaches us that all men and women are equal and we must love everyone the same, why is there so much racism?
Do you like talking about religion?
What do you think of the argument that religion is really modern-day superstition?
What would the world be like without religion?

Religion to me just means faith in something, religion means choice and believing in something that brings comfort to you. It shouldn't cause pain or war. Religion is not always a good thing because it can lead to violence and argumentation. Growing up you kind up just fall into your parents decision but again you can choose as you become more independent and establish yourself. I think that because religion is about love and peace and being a good person it still results in conflict because the extremists become intolerant towards other ideas and then argue over it. I don't really like talking about religion because I'm afraid of offending people. Superstition or not, it's a personal belief and should be respected I don't have an opinion one way or the other whether it is. The world without religion, we would still find other things to argue about.


When I should hear a word religion on mind the especial association with such people as the Buddha and Jesus comes. With these two people связанно a lot of mysterious on the earth. The phenomena which go from the old past till now are accompanied on the earth.
One of such examples is the person whom the temperature of its body of 30 degrees as at the person sits in a lotus pose thus, but thus scientists and doctors establish that fact that this person is dead. As well as for the majority of people on a planet the religion means for me for if to believe to the legend religious belief strengthens moral spirit of people though I think much to admit that many belief use creating sects becoming fanatics... All is good moderately.
On a question what religion is good there is no unambiguous answer. Each religion on the is unique and it is good. But in my opinion four various religions are allocated: Christianity, the Buddhism, paganism, shamanism. Especially these kinds of religion originate from the remote past and some of them have been extended enough in due time.
In the big families more often the religion to the child is chosen by parents though cases aren't rare when the religion option though sometimes it bears sad consequences is given.Wars connected with religion it is consequences of avidity of people in the world. For example a crusade caused that it was necessary to expand with that territories and those at whom the Catholicism is accepted small money is obliged to pay to the Pope not...


When I hear the word "religion" to me, comes to mind immediately the word "sect".
Their religion is nothing. Faith is very important. Religion - a bridge for those who have forgotten how to believe.
Principle and religion there is nothing wrong with that. It strengthens the morale of the people. But at the same time might tighten ... and then we become fanatics and will
participation in sects. What is the religion of most good? to this question is not answered. Each religion is unique. and it is good! In families of parents to choose a religion to their children ... but this is not a fact) The contradiction of interests led to war between the people worship different religions.
Racism necessarily includes the idea of ​​the original division of people into higher and lower races and in this many people think that they are superior to others but it is not we all equal before the Lord. I do not like to talk about religion. Is less than a warrior ... but no religion at all, I can not imagine life ... To be honest.

Topic of religion is very far from me. It is not for me. But I think for most people religion is very important. Someone takes her in everything, but some only occasionally dipped into his faith. I can`t say exactly Is religion always a good thing or not good. It is to define a value in every person's life.
I think firstly parents choose the religion for their children. But in the future, everyone makes their own choices. That's why some people change their religion, such as when they marry. I don`t like talking about religion, because I think this is too personal. But at the same time I respect people who strictly adhere to their religion throughout his life.

Evgeniy Vylezhanin

Nothing comes to mind when I hear the word ‘religion’. Religion is not new in our lives so I treat it calmly.
For me religion means to superstition, because people many invent in religion.
Religion is a belief in something and faith is good.
I don't know which religion in the world is best or true.
Man himself chooses themselves religion, but in childhood depending on the place of residence and the country, it also affects the choice of the man himself.
War not due religion. War due to liars which hide behind the word for religion.
Religion teaches, but not everyone wants to learn. I can talk about religion and I can not talk.
I totally agree with this statement, because religion is a superstition of people , it's a fantasy.
Without religion the world would not the world. Religion is the belief in the benefits of good and solving problems peacefully.

The religion is possibility to remain alone with itself, but thus not to be lonely.
For me religion possibility to reveal before itself and to understand that I am.
The religion a thing not unequivocal, it can do people better, and can and is worse, all depends on the relation of the person to religion.
I consider that there is not the best religion. Everyone religion is the unique.
I think that each person should choose itself to itself religion.
Because each person differently perceives religion.
Because of that that some people "not correctly" perceive religious doctrines.
No, I don't like to speak about religion. I consider it too personal to discuss.
The world without religion is the world of people which
don't belief

Osaulenko Sergey
For me the religion is belief in what that mystical, more powerful. But I can't explain that it means personally for me. I consider that everyone should trust, but not be beyond possible as it people in some Asian countries do. Usually parents choose religion for the children, but after all it is not forbidden to change in due course the sights at the religion account. It is simple to explain why distinctions in religions cause wars, it because in some the religion the core isn't the world, pleasure, paradise. I don't like to speak on this theme as often dialogue gradually passes in dispute. It is impossible to present the world without religion because people so will be arranged that all exactly to trust in what that.


To be honest, nothing in my mind does not come.
I think that under the definition of "religion", one realizes their own.
I can not confidently answer this question. Maybe a good thing. Religion helps people to find a harmony of body and soul.
Again, everyone has his own choice. For me - Christianity.
At birth, the religion of their children choose their parents. But when children get older, they are the right to choose their own.
Religion does not cause wars, racism. This guilty the people who think they are better than all.
Religion - it is not superstition. I think that without it there would be no peace. Religion - is something that can bring together so many people.


When I hear the word religion, comes to mind is a cult with its own rules, rituals.
For me, religion means faith groups or even one person into something abstract, understandable only to them. Religion reflects the outlook of people on things and determine their behavior in society.
Religion is not always a good thing. It all depends on how people understand the teachings of their religion and follow its rules. In history you can find many examples where faith could become a cause for bloody war.
It is impossible to say which religion is better, what is worse. Each man chooses their own religion based on personal preferences and match his ideals.
I think that parents help the child determined the choice of religion. Parents can not choose a religion for him completely. World affects the child much more than they do.
Religion is based on the attitudes. Each person has his outlook, so the doctrine of religion is perceived differently. Some understand the words too literally, or conversely too are abstracted from its meaning. There are also contradictions between the world religions, it also raises the hostility and conflicts.
I do not like talking about religion. For me, this is a very personal issue, I'm talking about it only with the closest.
Religion can't be just a superstition, because it affects people's lives.
Without religion humanity would have died in wars over territory, or would be like an animal.


Religion - a special form of awareness of the world, due to the belief in the supernatural.
For me, religion - a faith based in the existence of higher power and beings (God and the Gods), which are the subject of worship.
In religion has its advantages, namely that it gives hope to people in hard times then there is a supernatural force, which can help you. It is not possible to say which religion is best, each religion has its own canons, their interpretation. But they all have similarities in the commandments. Children tend to choose a religion similar to how the parents, but they may change their religion, for example, marring a man whose religion is different. So this is a purely private affair of the individual. One reason for there wars was that the parties wanted him to their religion recognized the primary and most important.
What distinguisher the blood of a Negro, European and Chinese? Do not know? And I know nothing. But what distinguishes the sky over Russia, America and Indonesia? Also does. Do people still can not understand
that we are all equally wonderful that we live on one planet that we all - a family? Racism is bad, because who cares what kind of person race? All we are humans and it does not matter, neither race nor color, nor nationality, nor denomination. What kind of birth it happened. Matters is the essence, and it may not depend on anything. I'm not a believer myself, and therefore do not discuss it.
No, religion is not a modern sovereign, is the prevailing belief in supernatural forces. The world will always be evil, when there is good, and therefore the faith and always will be.


When I hear the word religion comes to mind associations with God and the church. For me, religion is a belief in something that does not exist in the higher mind, which can teach us and help in difficult moments. Religion is not always good, like a religion where man is called to harm himself, but it's not very good. We can not know which religion is best for everyone, it has its own, for whom it is better to be Christianity, Buddhism for someone. For some people choose a religion of their parents, and from childhood they are accustomed, and think that it is their choice, and some choose themselves, finding religion, something that comes closest to that person. It is not always religion religion brings only peace and love, there is a religion where people are urged to go to war. For some people, the near thought they schatayut themselves better than other people race, or that are often secretly envy him. I do not think that religion is superstition svoremennoe, because before she, too, exist, we can not prove the existence of God but also to prove the converse, we also can not. If it were not for religion, I think the world would then be a lot of suicides, because when a person has problems and he was on the brink, he obrschayaetsya to God and it helps to sustain it.

Savin Nikita

Religion for me is associated with God, the wise elders every day teaches us the right path. For me, religion is primarily a belief in the supreme good effect, protect us during life and after.
We can not know which religion is best for everyone, it has its own, which is better to be Christianity, Buddhism for someone. But personally, I choose the religion of their people and my ancestors. But not all religions lead to love and peace, many forced to fight. Of course, I can not understand much, but it's your choice peace or war, and no one the right to make you. I do not think that religion is a mere sovereign. it is primarily faith, and a man without faith, a man without a soul.