Discussion "Economics"

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1) Do you think economics is the most important thing people think about in an election?
2) Do you worry about the world economy?
3) Which people in this world care most about economics?
4) What are the biggest economic problems in the world?
5) What is the effect of economics on society?

The economy is the main part for a man, because of the economic development depends and a person's life, his social status. Here for example, a country where the economy has reached a post-industrial development of people live in good conditions to earn enough money.
The world economy - is a multi-level, the global economic system, combining the national economies of the world on the basis of the international division of labor through a system of international economic relations. The world economy is interconnected with each other. For example, because of the economic decline of USA, many countries have had major problems. And this all leads us to the global crisis.
The main economic problems of the world - is what to produce? How to produce? For whom to produce?
Economic impact on society is enormous. Of economic development depends on the level of society.


Economy is very important for human development. Elections affect the economy in any country. This is an important political event.
Post in the global economy: "Do not worry, everything will be fine!" so I'm not worried about it)
Many countries have problems with the economy. And this leads us to a global crisis.
Three interlinked fundamental economic problems:
1. What should be done, that is, which of the mutually exclusive of goods and services must be made and in what quantity?
2. As value added products, ie, by whom, using what resources and what technology they need to be made?
3. For whom are meant manufactured goods, that is, who should have these goods and services and benefit of all? Or, in other words, to be distributed as gross national product between different individuals and families?
The economic life of society is above vcego production, distribution, exchange and consumption of goods and services. This moget be both tangible goods (clothing, housing, food, transportation, education) and spiritual values ​​(art, science, etc.)

I think economics is the most important thing people think about. Most of them trust their government to take care about the welfare of people and economic development.
I am one of those people. I think that everyone should do their own thing and not interfere with the unfamiliar and incomprehensible. So I don`t worry about the world economy.
Despite rapid economic growth in many countries on this planet there is a lot of global problems the world economy.
One of the global problems of the world economy is to fight poverty. On the planet there are many regions where people arestruggling to survive on minimal food and water. Many of the world's largest organizations are trying to solve this problem by organizing humanitarian aid for the poorest countries.
Another global problem of the world economy is deteriorating environmental situation. Construction of the abundance of industry leads to environmental pollution, and the negligence of the largest international corporations can lead to environmental disaster.
Inefficient use of natural resources is another global problem of the world economy. Many resources are disappear forever, ineffective use can lead to energy crisis.
Solution of global problems associated primarily with clear and well thought-out actions of governments of developed countries, and international economic organizations.


1) I agree, but not absolutely. Because in our country people go on elections purely to put a tick on sheet. Such warehouse of events doesn't please. 2) I worry for economy in my country, instead of all over the world. But nevertheless interesting what changes occur. 3) I consider that it is bankers. All without an exception. Changes in economy influence them most of all. 4) I think this constant change of currency. Now all worry about possible sharp falling of a dollar exchange rate. And still, frightens as the yuan price has strongly increased. 5) the market economy strongly influences a society. If a national economy collapse, also crisis in a society.


I think, economy is not the main point to discuss before the elections. Every deputy should prepare his electional programm thoroughly. It contains economical projects, political, etc.
The world economy is interesting for me because the economies of all the countries are interdependent. If even small country has certain financial problems, it influences to the developed economies, even American one. Economists, businessmen and stock brockers care of economy, because it is very important for them. Economy has the problems such as unemployment and corruption.A state (society) and economy interlace, the more developed a country is, the better and stronger an economy is.

Burdukovskaya Nadezhda
I think that on elections the economy is important.
I worry about world economy. And I do it to means of my economic knowledge.
After an economy crisis state, debts of the countries, corruption, a social inequality, irrational use of natural resources here the basic problems of economy for 50 years.
The economy holds a society in the tense condition. All of us are under the influence of economy.

Tarasov Alexander
1.I think that they possibly exist but I have not heard about it.
2.I agree because power is a great temptation that use for other purposes giving rise to corruption. So that the government is a big problem.
3.We can think of democracy as a system of government with four key elements:
1.A political system for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair elections.
2.а The active participation of the people, as citizens, in politics and civic life.
3.а Protection of the human rights of all citizens.
4.а A rule of law, in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens.
4. I think that the government can make happy just yourself
5.Yes I think that People should not be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people. Because the government has been created by people to facilitate administration of the country. That it should work for people.


I am very worried about the global economy. Because of the association of countries in single trading network economic problems in one country can provoke a crisis everywhere. Crisis can go into layoffs and rioting in some countries.
There are many challenges in the economy, I will mention only some of them:
  • Lack of natural resources
  • Unevenness distribution of income among the population
  • Rising unemployment
The scale of today's global problems require combining the efforts, meaningful and decisive action by governments, political parties, social movements around the world.
Economy has an impact on various aspects of society and most people. When the economic situation is improving in the market appears more and more products and services that make people happier.


I think the economy is not so important what people think of the election, because people are concerned not only that, and sometimes not so. I'm not really worried about the global economy within. Most of the economy within the government probably cares. Economic impact on society is very large, such as rising inflation and higher wages cause of great satisfaction not, the price increase on certain products, it's a very strong influence on society.


Most likely yes, because people first of all think about taxes. Yes worried, because the rate of inflation increases, food prices are rising and wages do not. I believe that on the global economy are taken care of people who specialize in the economy. If the economy falls, the society rebel.

Savin Arkadiy

I think that the economy is not so important what people think of the election. I am not very worried about the global economy. I thinkthat the major economic problems in the world - this is inflation, corruption and so on. The economy is the economic system that ensures the needs of people and society through the creation and use of the necessities of life benefits.

I think that the economy is not so important what people think about the election.
I am a little worried about the global economy, because I can not change anything. The main and major problem of the economy - is corruption.
Economy - a system of global trade relations, the universal language of commerce. If the economy collapses, falls the world.

Savin Nikita
I think that the economy is very important, because it is the foundation of world trade.
I am a little worried about the global economy, because to me a little that depends.
The main and major problem of the economy - greed and acquisitiveness.
Economy - a universal measure of global trade. If the economy collapses, collapses bidding system.