Discussion "Food"

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Do you like fast food and slow food?
Do you care where the food you eat comes from?
What national dishes from your country would you recommend to the world?
What do you think of genetically-modified (GM) food?
What do you think about food additives?

There are certain times when I crave fast food but it's really not all that good for you so I try to avoid it. I'd much rather experiment in my own kitchen having healthy meals. I do care where my food comes from and it bothers me if I find out my beef was tortured while it was still alive, and if it's not really what it says it is. I would recommend apple pie.. done the right way and mashed potatoes. I want to travel the world and try foods from all different cultures. I think GM food is un-natural but depending on the modifications can be better for you. Food additives are what sells foods and what makes it appealing either taste or appearance wise but aren't necessarily healthy.

Dmitriy Bastrikin
I think that food is different. I like to taste somethingnew and unusual.
But I am against fast-food and fatty foods. I know it is bad. I think meal time is impotant.
I like slow food, because it is tasty and useful.
Borscht is a national dish from my country. I would recommend it to the world. It is tasty and nutritious.

I think people should necessarily eat meat and vegetables. It is fuondamental four our life.
I think (GM) food and food additives are not harmful, if eat it to measure.
In general it is all.

I like fast food, but it's not recomended to use it often.
No, I love to eat in a nice and cheerful company.
Okroshka (cold kvass soup with chopped vegetables and meat) and fish-soup. I love it.
Аny good will come of this.
They make food more varied.

Kozhombaeva Ainura

I like slow food, because it's tasty and healthy. Important for me to where I was eating. Recently opened a lot of cafe, which are not sanitary-epidemiological station, and while they sell their food. There are also unscrupulous entrepreneurs who do not buy fresh food at cheap prices, and their chefs prepare dishes for this sale. And therefore I advise you all are in places where rated themselves as visitors.
Genetically - modified food are not good for people. People with a loaded working days of course much easier to warm up something ready-made and waste time on cooked meal. I would suggest at least have the weekend to prepare meals from natural product.
Scientific and technological progress has brought us not only the blessings of civilization - the comfort and safety, but also new approaches to food production, which often have a negative impact on our health.
Putsa is a national dish of my people, and it is very tasty, so I would recommend it to all.
- Lamb fat 500 g
- Onions 125 g
- Fat-tailed fat or melted butter 50g
- Pepper, salt to taste.
For the dough:
- Wheat flour 180 g
- Green tea extract 50 g;
- Egg 1.
- Salt to taste.
Lamb, onion and bacon mince, salt, pepper and a little water to dissolve.
As a result of beef to put on cakes unleavened dough made ​​from flour, eggs, salt and tea infusion, blind as a pitcher and cook for a couple.

Dostova Anastasiya
I like slow food, because it's important for me how and when the food I eat was cooked. To me it's not all the same where food I'm gonna eat comes from, I like the natural food most of all, but in the cafe it is often used spoiled food (I'm talking about Russian restaurants). I would encouraged to the world such national dishes as saltwort.I consider, that genetically modified meal as well as food additives are very harmful to human body.

1.I don't like fast food, because fast food is very harmful and quickly increases the weight. But I like slow food very much, because it is nothing more delicious slow food.
2.I care about the places or eat. Ilove eatingathomeor in a restaurantwith friends.
3. I would recommendtwo dishes. These are okroshkaandborsch. They are very tasty.
4. I think that GM food is not harmful and bad. It is tasty than usual food.
5.Food additivesdestroypeople. That is why I hate them.

I don`t like fast food. It is bad for our health. I try to care about where the food comes from. Rusian cousine is one of the most famous in the world. A lot of foreigners are fans of our food. I recommended such national dishes as meat dumplings, cakes, pies to every person, who visit Russia .
Genetically modified foods (GM foods or GMO foods) are foods derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Genetically modified organisms have had specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques. Typically, genetically modified foods are transgenic plant products: soybean, corn, canola, and cotton seed oil. I think it is really bad for us.
In me opinion, food additives are really necessaryfor some people, who can`t get the nutrients from food.

I not the fan of fast meal. It isn't useful for health.
Where I eat a place matters for me. I prefer to eat home.
I would recommend the Russian national dishes a Russian cabbage soup, a borsch, a rassolnik, an ear, pancakes, okroshka, pelmeni. And national dishes of my region buuzu, khushur, shulap, a pie of bird cherry.
I think that it not to eat well to use food genetically modified, it can seriously spoil health.
Food additives are a deceit of the buyer, they are harmful to people. They simply do food is more tasty and it is more attractive by sight.

I like fast food. but it can not be used often.
Of course the house is much better than usual, and elsewhere. but it happens and eat anywhere.
For the whole world, I would recommend ... such as salad. delicious salad would still porekemendoval soup and pancakes here are delicious dish samie ruskoy in the kitchen.
Already, many scientists argue that GMOs introduced into food, our food may be the invisible weapon that sooner or later will destroy almost the entire population of the planet. I totally agree with this statement. Actually, any food or liquid that falls to man into the body through the mouth, is a dietary supplement.
With the help of nutritional supplements, there is a supplement human diet lacking in vitamins, microelements nothing bad I can not see them.

I think that fast foods very unhealthy to the body. I eat only them because of lack of time.
I prefer Russian cuisine, such as dumplings. The dish is made from a large quantity of meat and dough. Dough is rolled and cut into circles. In the middle of a ring put minced pork or beef. The edges of the circles are held together and cook in boiling water with the addition of seasonings to taste. Dumplings - real Siberian food!
Genetically-modified food may have unpredictable effects on individual people. For example, can appear allergy or serious illness.
Unfortunately, in Russia there are many products with food additives, which negatively affects the health of the population. I attitude negatively to such food, but sometimes forced to eat it.

Nastya Petukhova

I'd like to present a dialogue didicated to the issue "Russian national cuisine", enjoy :)

Hello! My name is Kseniya. We are glad to see you here.
-Can you tell me about this restaurant? It is difficult to decide where we can enjoy really Russian food and relax.
-Oh, you are in the right place. We can offer our menu where you will see a rich choice of dishes. For example, dumplings, soup, Lagman, pudding, pancakes, casseroles, Buzy and etc.
-Can you explain what is the buzy?
-Round open pies from unleavened dough stuffed with lamb, steamed.
-And what about Lagman?
-For you spread on plates and pour the pasta to great gravy with the meat.
-Hmm, it is interesting. Can you give 2 lagmans?
-Is there anything else can I get from you?
-Can you bring black bread if it is not difficult for you?
-Yes, of course. Now is everything?
-Yes, thank you.
-I'll be right back.

-Would you like a desert menu?
-No, thanks. We would like to order 2 caps of coffee and a cherry cake.
-All clearly, thank you.

-Do you enjoy the meal?
-Yes. Everything were very tasty. We very much liked a Russian cuisine.
-Can I get you anything else?
-Be so kind as bring the check.
-Here it is. Thanks for your visiting our restaurant “Moscow delicious” . We will waiting for you again. Good-bye.

Evgeniy Vylezhanin

I like fast food and slow food, but prefer to eat slow food, because the slow food contains more nutrients and it is better for the health than fast food.
I don't care where the food. I eat comes from. I prefer to eat at home with family or alone.
I usually go to a cafe or pizzeria with friends.
National dishes??? Need to think. I think that would recommend fish soup (Uha). Uha is a soup with fish, but if cook it properly, the taste will be impossible to forget.

Genetically-modified (GM) food is bad, because harm to the body as well as food additives.
Now rare to see a purely ecological food, because manufacturers use cheap ingredients that food stored longer, and we are paying for it.


1.I prefer good food. However long it takes. but sometimes I had to eat fast food when I do not have enough time.
2.Yes it is very important for me.
3. Pelmeni are very popular in Russian Federation. This dish is cooked with chicken or meat. Also you can add eggs, flour, milk or water, potatoes and a lot of other ingredients if you want to do this.
Shchi – is a cabbage soup, which is the most popular in Russian Federation. This soup is made with the sauerkraut or cabbage. You can also add meat to this soup, but also you can cook it only with the cabbage. Shchi, which is prepared with sauerkraut is called as sour shchi. Also in Russian Federation you can taste green shchi – if you visit Russia in summer. This kind of soup is cooked with fresh vegetables!
4.I think that it is a bad food. The food should be natural without any chemical intervention.
5. I think that additives can be substituted in certain cases for more healthy additives. For example, natural food colorings exist, although they probably aren't as cheap as artificial ones. Ascorbic acid can be used as an antioxidant instead of BHA or BHT. Preservatives are harder to replace, though, as they are vital to some foods. Refrigeration may be a solution to some foods' preservation. But I still think it's better to do without additives.


I do not like fast food. I do not care where I eat, I prefer to eat at home or in cafes, in pleasant surroundings. For the whole world, I would advise dumplings. On genetically modiffitsirovannoy eating, I do not think so I do not eat it. Nutritional supplements can be very tasty.


I do not like fast foods, I like to home cooking. I do not care where I am taking food, the main thing to be comfortable. For the whole world, I would advise manty.I use only natural products. I also do not like food additives.

Savin Arkadiy

I love slow food, probably because my mother is very tastyprepares, though from fast-food chain also did not refuse. I do not care where I eat. I'm all over the world recommends dumplings. I think genetically modified food is not good for the human body.About food additives think the same way.