Perhaps Ronald Regan of the rights not the decision has put the government in government work. Its reforms and care of citizens not only the country but also care in the world.
The government should is natural are afraid the people, civil wars to that an example when people rise to struggle with that that them doesn't arrange. When the government starts to unscrew hands to the people exhausting in the most severe frameworks.
Discussion "Government"

Let's discuss such a curious issue as "government". Be ready to answer the following questions in your posts:

1. Do you think there is a world government that is not corrupt?
2. Ronald Regan said: “Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.” Do you agree with him?
3. Do you think a government is essential in a democracy?
4. Do you think a government can ever make everyone happy
5. What do you think of this line from the 2006 movie ‘V for Vendetta’? “People should not be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”

I believe that the government will always be corrupt because it turns into a sort of competition and trying to win people over. People sometimes do what ever they want to win. I think in a way government is a problem but because it is also instituted to keep order and the public safe it helps, even if the wants of the people don't always get across. Government is essential as a corner stone in democracy to make sure everything happens the way it should, but it can't make everyone happy because there are so many different opinions about what is right. In another movie there was a saying that goes "Haven't you heard of the golden rule? Whoever has the gold makes the rules." This is a lot of times true in the government because it takes so much money to run, but because there is power in the many government should be afraid of revolts and should be aware of what they want.


I believe that corruption was, corruption is and it will be.
I agree with Ronald Regan, but not fully support his position. The government solves some of problems, but it can not fix all our problems. We must do it yourself.
Yes I think so. People choose their own government authorized that it meets the needs of society.
Only we can make ourselvs happy.
The Government and people are interrelated. Without the first one the another can't exist.

Evgeniy Vylezhanin

I do not know of this, but I am shure that the world government has problems. I do not agree with Ronald Regan's words. He thinks that if government disappears, the problem solved by them selves.But it is not true . Yes, of course, because government involved in our life and politics. It legislates, solve critical problems in the world, it regulates the rules of conductin society . I think that goverment can make happy, but not all. The government is only one and there are lot of people,that is why it can not solve problems of all people . I think that people and government should not be afraid of each other . They should respect and help each other, because the government is also people.

Kseniya Strig

I believe that only the Chinese government is not corrupt, but I’m not sure in this on 100%. But in other countries are struggling with this problem.
I agree with Ronald Regan because the system of government is imperfect, both in its organization and in relationship with the people. Constantly arise which is discontent, once they decide it is impossible, since everything is interconnected. Difficult to change everything.
Government is important in a democracy because it is the result of organization of power. More of all people elect representatives who protect their interests.
Government probably can make someone a happy, but not all. It depends from many subtleties: possibilities and desires of the people, the government itself and the individual.
'V for Vendetta' is famous phrase. We are talking about revenge. Everything is interconnected in the world. You should listen to your neighbors, the people.


I do not know corruption cases from the government. But it does not exclude their presence.
I do not agree with Ronald Regan’s statement. The government is created to solve problems. And he thinks that one is a problem, but if government disappears the problem remains.
Government is essential in democracy in case if representatives are chosen from people. Nowadays in Russia’s government is chosen from teachers, doctors etc., who know needs of people.
Government can not make everybody happy, though they do something for it. Until then while representatives live in good conditions, it is difficult to them to understand a life of simple people and therefore to improve it considerably.
I think that government and people should be afraid of each other. Government can begin building harmful plans or to begin wars. People can suffer from all of that. And a lot of samples of people revolts can be easily found in the world history.

I think there is no government without corruption, because in our material world everything is decided by money, which dictate the terms to any political power.
I do not agree with Ronald Reagan, because the government is not always obeys to money. Sometimes it works for the good of people. Without government solve most the current problems can not be solved.
Government is essential in a democracy, because it is a representative power of the people. Without the government in the country would be chaos and anarchy.
Government can not make all happy, because our world is based on the superiority of some people over others.
I was very impressed after watching the movie "V for Vendetta". I agree with this line. The main idea of democracy is responsibility to the people, that can create, I think, protest and change.

I think that the world government is corrupt, because money influence on every part of our life. Government is the most important section of authority. So it exposes to influence of money. I agree with Ronald Regan. I think that our government is the most important problem of the State. Unfortunately, it doesn`t want to solve the problem of people. Because of it, Government can`t make everyone happy. It is really impossible.
This Phrase is true. «Governments should be afraid of their people» - it is basic of democracy.

I think that corruption exists in each government, because many peoples in the government want to receive more money. In my opinion the majority of people go to the government only for money.
I don’t agree with Ronald Regan. I think any government tries to improve life of the usual person in the state. The government should be in each state, even if it is very bad, because without the government in the country the chaos will begin.
I think government is essential in the democracy. Each democratic government should care about the citizens, and should advance democratic interests.
Government can not make everybody happy. Government gives you chance to become happy. You should to be learned, and you can get a good job!


From a formal point of view, if there is no state there will be no corruption. So there. I don't agree with Ronald Regan. In any democratic country the government tries to do so would be good to people ... although this is not always they do ... Government can not make all happy ... when someone like that one at the same time, others do not like it.
Government should fear its people is the foundation of democracy.


I think there is no uncorrupted government because the money controls all the world. The world is bought. The money controls all. If you have the money – you have an authority, if you a have a lot of money – it’s unlimited authority. Ronald Reagan thinks that government is the only problem and I don’t agree with it. Let’s imagine that there is no government at all. No one will solve economical and political problems between countries. Therefore, economical communications between countries will fall and the provision crisis will begin. There will be people who will impose their own authority to others and because of that not the only civil wars, but the world wars may begin. It’s terrible. No matter how good your government is there will always be the people who are not satisfied. “The people must not be afraid of their government. The government must be afraid of the people”. I think this statement is absolutely right. The people must take a part in state’s life, must offer their own reforms, and then it will be easier for a state to correct its politics.

Osaulenko Sergey
I think that there is no such government. Even if the government declares that there is no corruption, it is all exactly , only more covered. Yes, I agree with it because many problems are created because of government actions. I consider that in the democratic state the government has the smaller importance, but all the same it is important for the country. As the government in this case should watch power branches, instead of operate them. I think that the government can't make all happy as the person should aspire to more safe life itself. I can't answer last question because I didn't see this film.


I do not think there is a world government, because every country should be only his.With Reagan, I agree to some extent that is not often agree that the government doesis bad for his people and country, but there is a good guess is momenty.Da. Can not,you can not please everyone. I think that it is as it should be, people should joinbecause we are giving a run.


1) I think there is a world government that is not corrupt. I think that this government of the small countries.

2) Yes, I agree with Ronald Regan.

3) I think that the government is of great importance for democracy. As democracy will exist only in that case when the government interestedly in its existence.

4) I think in the theory it probably, but in practice wasn't present, such is human nature that is not enough of something

5) In my opinion this statement most brightly opens sense of interrelation between the people and the government. The government should depend on the people not only before elections, but always.


I believe that there is no government that was not corrypt. I'm not agree with Reagan's words as the government does not always have a problem, very oftenpeople will create these problems, and debits for the government. The government is essential to democracy, without democracy, the government would not have existed, the government will not make everyone happy, because you can not please everyone.I fully support this policy, all the people is the strength of our government, there will be people, not what will drive, and then the government will not exist.

Savin Arkadiy

I think that there is not a corrupt government, I agree with Ronald Reagan, but not completely. Our problems we must addressourselves. I think the government can never make everyone happy,
because it is not realistic to take into account the interests and wishes of all people. I think that "People should not be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people. "This is democracy.


I think that there is not a corrupt government, I agree with Ronald Reagan, but not completely.
Our problems we must address ourselves. I think that government should not solve all our problems otherwise life would be too easy and not to please the interests of everyone.
I think that "People must be united with the government," then we will have a true democracy!