Discussion "Climate"

Let's talk about the climate change.

a. In your post you should give well-structured answers to the following questions expressing your own position and opinion:

How do you feel about climate change?
Are you more worried about climate change or the war on terror?
Has climate change affected the country in which you live?
Do you believe everything scientists say about climate change?
Do you believe everything politicians say about climate change?
What do you think the world’s climate will be like 50 years from now?

b. Read the post expressing the specialist's opinion on the topic "Can what happens in //The Day After Tomorrow// happen in real life?" Do you agree?

2 Records from the Russian students:

Kseniya Strig

Climatic conditions in the vast expanse of Russia is very diverse. Russia is located in three climatic zones: the arctic, subarctic and temperate. Krasnoyarsk is located in the temperate zone, where winter is cold and summers are warm. In the mountains climate conditions vary over short distances, so the great diversity of local climates. The farther south are the mountains and above what they were, the more varied their climates. At the province natural communities are represented arctic deserts, tundra, taiga, forest-steppe, steppe, semidesert and alpine landscapes. You can ski in the winter, going to the park. People dress warmly. Temperatures is down to -30. But in summer is above +20. All involved in tourism, recreation, and organize trips to the lake, go to the cave in the woods. Come to the edge.
Answer the following questions please:
Has the World Warmed?
Are Human Activities Contributing to Climate Change?
What Human Activities Contribute to Climate Change?
What are climate change and global warming, and how are they related?
What is abrupt climate change?
Can abrupt climate change really happen in a matter of days?
Can global warming lead to an ice age?
I believe that global warming will not, because experts have long promised that it will happen soon, but this did not happen. I think that a person contributes to climate change, for example the greenhouse effect. The cause of global warming is pollution gases (primarily carbon dioxide, methane). As a result of drops in the oxygen content of air, reduced rainfall on the continents, desertification threatens large areas - up to a quarter of the land.
Forests and oceans to absorb up to half of industrial emissions into the atmosphere. However, the massive deforestation in the world (up to 11 million hectares per year) and the pollution of the oceans deprive us of this chance. Every year in the Pacific Ocean dropped 9 million tons of waste into the Atlantic - more than 30 million tons.
Abruptly climate change is not typical for the area climate and natural conditions.
Abruptly the climate can change, but only after long-term impact on the nature of other factors.
According to one hypothesis, global warming will lead to a suspension or a serious weakening of the Gulf Stream. This will cause a significant drop in the average temperature in Europe since the Gulf Stream warms the continent due to the transport of warm water from the tropics (as in the movie "The day after tomorrow").
As thawing ice of the polar caps increases the amount of precipitation at high latitudes in winter leads to a local increase of the albedo. In the future there is a decrease of temperature inner regions of the Northern Hemisphere continents, with the subsequent formation of glaciers.

http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/ (information about the Ice Age)
http://pomnimvse.com/39.html (human influence on climate)
http://www.doopt.ru/?id=699 (landscape of Krasnoyarsk)
http://www.geonature.ru/rusgeo/2-2-3.htm (climate in Russia)

My answers:
1.I think it is so.Fo example:The four warmest years on record since 1860 have all occurred since 1990.Other evidence of global temperature increases since the nineteenth century includes the observed rise in sea level of 10 to 25 centimeters (about 4 to 10 inches), the shrinkage of mountain glaciers, a reduction of northern hemisphere snow cover (1973 to present), and increasing sub-surface ground temperatures.
2.I think yes.
3.People are create a lot of harmful industries that are bad for the environment.
4.Global warming refers to an increase in average global temperatures, which in turn causes climate change.
Climate change refers to changes in seasonal temperature, precipitation, wind, and humidity for a given area. Climate change can involve cooling or warming.
Temperature readings taken around the world in recent decades, and scientific studies of tree rings, corals, and ice cores, show that average global temperatures have risen since the industrial revolution began, with increases accelerating over the past few decades. The overwhelming consensus among climate scientists is that most of the increase is due to human economic activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. These activities contribute to a build-up in carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases in Earth’s atmosphere.
Our atmosphere is made up of gases, such as nitrogen, oxygen, and CO2, and water vapor, which act like a “blanket” draped around the planet. Some of these gases—such as CO2, water vapor, and methane—absorb heat, reducing the amount that escapes to space, and increasing global temperatures. This is what is called the “greenhouse effect,” and these gases are often referred to as “greenhouse gases.”
Without this process, the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere would average about 30 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) colder than it is today, making it difficult for Earth to sustain life as we know it. However, if this blanket were to become too “thick,” with too many gases trapping too much heat, Earth would be uninhabitable. In the atmosphere of Venus, for example, a buildup of carbon dioxide has led to a broiling temperature of 500 degrees Celsius.
5. While most climate change generally happens slowly over time, there is evidence that episodes of rapid cooling have occurred in the past, with temperatures falling dramatically over periods of 10 to 20 years. Scientists have found evidence that this has happened at least twice within the past 12,700 years.
6.There is no scientific evidence that abrupt climate change can happen in a matter of hours or days. What is true is that climate change is real and it’s already happening. It’s a big problem, but one that we already know how to address on both the societal and individual levels.
7.I think that this is very unlikely.There is some evidence that the water in the North Atlantic seems to be growing less salty due to global warming and that the conveyor belt may be slowing. But scientists currently believe that even if part of the ocean conveyor were to fail, it wouldn’t be for several decades, and any cooling effects would be overpowered by the continued general warming over the same period.

Osaulenko Sergey
We are neutral to climate changebecause it doesn’t influence on my mood and health. We think climate influences on the weather at all. So climate in our country has changedquitestronglyover the last tenyears. I don’t believe everything politicians say about climate change, because they don’t know nothing about weather.

Burdukovskaya Nadezhda and Tereshkevich Vlad.
Yes, we are worried about climate change.
I believe in some scientists opinions, but only proved by the facts.
I think that climate will change but, people stand live on the Earth.


I'm neutral to climate change because it doesn't affect me.
I more concerned about the war on terror because of the fact that I am for peaceful solutions to problems.
Future climate change will bring a whole bunch of extreme weather events in Russia, including floods, mudslides and avalanches in mountainous areas, droughts, increasing fire risk in forests. Significant changes occur in natural ecosystems. Expected to expand the dissemination of certain human diseases caused by vectors, as well as some insects - dangerous pests of agricultural crops. Scientists say the truth as it is scientifically proven phenomenon. And politicians say only what should be ... that would reassure people)
What will happen to Russia after 50 years? This question bothers many ... No one is not completely sure what will happen to her ... but I think almost nothing will change in a short time ...


Climatic changes worry me very much. You may ask what's wrong with it, as the scientific researches report that such events are habitual for our planet. Certainly, climate had always been changing, even in a more intensive way than nowadays. But it had never been changing so quickly. Besides, earlier the coastlines and other territories sensible to the climatic changes were not so densely populated, so the damage for the humanity of those period is impossible to compare with the consequences we are expecting for.

I Can't definitely answer what problem worries me more, climatic changes or terrorism because both they are problems of great importance. As for my country, climatic changes cause great damage. Every year the number of hydrometeorological events and climatic disasters increases. Russian economy suffers great damage from numerous floods, spring floods and fires. Of course, it is impossible to predict what will happen after 50 years. The prosperity of our humanity depends upon the solving of global climatic problem. No one will cope with it alone. The countries which economy is not very strong are in the worst position in that issue. That is why developed countries should help the countries with weak economy to cope the consequences of climatic changes.

There is no "Russian", "American" or "Chinese" climate. We can and we must unite our efforts to solve the problem. And it is quiet necessary to begin it now.

To climate change, I'm against it, as I think that this could lead to something bad for our plantey. The more I worried about climate change because global warming could lead to more victims than the terrorists. I do not think that changing kliamata affect mycountry strong, there will be some inconvenience and all. I think in 50 years everything will be vice versa in winter is summer, winter and summer.

Usually I'm not worried about climate change. It rarely affects me. But sometimes the weather changes can cause me a headache. Climate change impact on the country in which I live.There are phenomena which are not peculiar to a particularseason. Forexample heat inNovember or snow inMay. I do not believe that politicians and scientists say about climate change. Believe it or not is meaningless, because we'll all seeourselve it.. We would still have to live that is. I can not say exactly what the climate on our planet in 50 years, but I think something change. Perhaps there will bewhere it was warm cold and vice versa. And everywhere can be unbearably hot. And maybe never will snow or rain. Weather is sounpredictable thing that makes no sense to talk about what it willwith time. It is subject and that is the nature of what it decides it to be and in what climate you live with us.

1) I excite climate change that occurs on our planet. Change climate is a question which concerns everything, it will concern everyone.
2) Me excites equally both that and other. Everything that is in the world very awfully. We shouldn't forget about humanity.
Climate change hasn't strongly affected my country. Change has occurred in a difference of points of a limit of temperatures, it became more.
I trust scientists only in this case when their words are supported by an actual demonstrative basis.
And I don't trust politicians, they usually use people.
I didn't reflect about the climate which will be in 50 years. But I hope for the best.

1) I am afraid of climate change. Because it can strongly affect residing of people. Many people after a deviation of a climate from norm badly feel. At them a problem with health. If there will be a sharp global change, such as warming, the territory of residing of the person can strongly be reduced. It frightens. 2) I consider these problems are identical on the importance. Because they strongly influence life of people. 3) in our country strong change meanwhile is not noticed. Means is not present. 4) I Trust them, but not completely. They cannot predict precisely such phenomenon. 5) they in general a little that speak about it :) 6) I will tell Nothing, I do not want anything to predict.


Climate change is bad, as this may lead to a global cataclysm. I'm more concerned about climate change, because terror can be fought, but climate change is very difficult. Yeah probably, I do not like winter may be in the summer, or something else, but I think it's not very good will. I think after 50 years the climate will be very differentfrom the present, can override the desert or the tropics will be something else, but with the pace of change, this will not be exact.

Savin Arkadiy

I believe that climate change will lead to a not very good effects, I was more worried about the war on terror than climate change, I think climate change is not strongly influenced by my country, because the major changes I have not noticed, I believe thatscientists say about climate change , I doubt that politicians havecared. I think after 50 years of climate does not change much, orwill change, but gradually and will not noticeably change.


I believe that climate change will lead to dire consequences, as I'm concerned about the war on terror, these are two great problems of humanity. Climate change is not strongly dependent on my country, because the major changes I have not noticed, I believe that scientists say about climate change, and I doubt that politicians care about.
I think that after 50 years of climate change and global change in the world.

Vylezhanin Evgeniy

I feel easy calmly to climate change. What will be, will not pass. We humans are to blame. We destroy the ecosystem, then the world is constantly changing all around us, everyone should understand is that if we change something in nature, nature itself will change us.
I more worried about war on terror, because climate change this is a natural change of natural conditions, but the terror it has stupidity of mankind.
I think not, but I not thought about it more than 7 seconds.
First, not all scientists say about climate change and why would anyone believe, if you can see everything for yourself
I have not heard a single politician talking about climate change
Wait and see.