Discussion "Stereotypes"

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Let's discuss the topic dedicated to the problem of racial stereotyping.
But firstly let's take a survey!

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In your post you should cover the following content:

1. Give your own definition of the term "Stereotype" and describe the real-life situation connected with stereotyping.
2. Watch 2 youtube videos and comment them. What stereotypical views do they represent? Do you agree with any of them?
Explain why (or why not)

3. Which people today do you think are being unfairly stereotyped?
4. Look through the blog comments on the topic "Where do racial stereotypes come from?" Choose the best one you agree and comment why you chose it.

5. Are stereotypes usually accurate?
6. Have you ever met someone who was the perfect image of a stereotype you had in your mind?

7. Should stereotyping be made illegal?


A stereotype is a fixed set of ideas that is
generally held about the characteristics of a
particular type of person which are wrongly believed
to be shared by all the people of that type. In my
opinion it is a dangerous thing to judge about a
people or a group of people by existing stereotypes
but nevertheless a certain stereotype does exist.
There are experimental ways of investigating
stereotypes. One of the most obvious is to ask a
group of people what trades characterize the British,
the Russians, the Americans. Results of such studies
of the whole agree well with what might have been
As any nation the Russians have both positive and
negative qualities. On the one hand, people who
belong to this nationality are hard-working, willing
to respect the opinion of other people. They regard
other racial or ethnic groups as equal. They are fond
of being with other people, enjoying social life,
hospitable to foreigners. On the other hand sometimes
they are inclined to cheat and unwilling to respect
the views, ideas, opinions opposite to their own.
This is my point of view on this problem.
I also would like to say stereotypes are a part of
human life though they may present one sided
exaggerated view of religion, racial ethnic groups of
people as well as of classes of people. Stereotypes
are certainly not reliable description of individual
people but they still exist.
I read the blog comments. "It's usually based off
of observations that have semblances of truth."-it is
answer, which I choose. I agree with this comment,
because observations that relate to people of a
nation then correlated with the whole country as a
I think that stereotyping can`t be made illegal,
because it is only opinion of people and everyone is
entitled to his opinion. And what do you think about


Stereotypes, in my opinion, is when people make erroneous conclusions about something, what they do not know.
In my life I have not had such cases which I could remember.
I noticed that some people on the question "what famous Russian" vodka said, this is not true, and I heard many different opinions and agree with the majority.
In my opinion, most unfair to stereotype people, it is those people who are the leastinformed.
"Some are partially rooted in reality or observation, others are just hyperbole or outright lies."
I agree with that, but there are stereotypes, which indeed may be taken from the truth,but they can not get hung up because things are changing, and stereotypes arealready obsolete, but people continue to hold for them. Stereotypes may not be accurate at all.
I've never met anyone who would be ideal to image stereotypes.
I do not think that stereotypes need to be declared illegal because it does aspeople's thoughts, how a person thinks, and freedom of thought should always be.

Anastasiya Petukhova

Hello, my name is Nastay and I want to express my opinion about stereotypes.
Firstly, I express my own definition of the term of “Stereotype”. Stereotypes are the standards which exist in people’s minds. Stereotypes can be conscious and unconscious, fair and unfair. For example usual situation when driver make _ in the road everybody think, that the driver is woman.
Other different stereotypes I was watching in the videos. Most American people don’t know anything about Russia. But some people told about free, happy, determine Russians, cold weather and mafia. Russia is famous by athletics, “vodka”, armies, mafia, and ballet. Also I recognize, that Tchaikovsky, Gorbachev, some scientists, art people are famous too.

Watching next video, I noticed that England people know about Americans more. American people are considered friendly, generous, loud, warmhearted, pleasant, outgoing, helpful, moreover they want domineering.
I can’t judge people’s _ about Americans. I only heard they are friendly, pleasant, etc. But I don’t agree that Russians are happy and free.
I think people who are unfairly stereotyped are drinker, stupid boxers, hungry and poor students, clever people who wear glass. But most widespread stereotypes are about blond girls.
All of this stereotypes are not accurate, because its often appear when people notice general signs at similar things or people. The majority of stereotypes based on actually existing differences between men and women, People of different jobs, ages, races etc. We can get this information from various movies, mass media, life experience and other people. Often such information is presented in distorted view. For example, exaggeration and generalization Therefore stereotypes are based on small amount of repetitions. It means that they are not accurate.
I don’t consider, that we can meet someone who are the perfect image of the stereotype we met in our life. And I had never seen such human. I’m sure stereotype is ideal, which can’t exist in real life. We can meet human similar on somebody from our life or films.
Some of stereotypes are illegal. For example we know such one as “sex, drugs, rock-and-roll”. This life style is about very happy, funny life. But it propagandizes amoral and illegal things. Of course stereotypes should not be illegal, but it is.
Stereotypes – the opinion generated at the person not by a private experience, and public.
Russian people as well as other nations have lacks and advantages. In my opinion it is not correct to size up the person only on its national identity.
Today almost all people are under the influence of stereotypes.
Stereotypes are exact, but under a special corner of consideration something.
I met the person who was outwardly ideal from the point of view of stereotypes. But actually it has appeared that this person isn't that as it seems.
I don't know, but each person has a right to own opinion.

I think that wasn't present. But most likely I when represent, for example, life of the American I precisely am mistaken in some positions. Some stereotypes are necessary for more good relations. It is not interesting to know all truth about the person. I can't give an example a film, but is usually interesting learn as Englishmen and on the contrary represent Russian. It is Sometimes amusing :) I consider that with Internet development many stereotypes have disappeared, but most a little. I won't tell badly it or it is good. Happens that well, and sometimes on the contrary.


Stereotypes are resistant forms of behavior (in the broadest sense, including activity, communication, realized social attitudes, attitudes, values, etc.), whether natural human capabilities, allowing them to use (these same features) is optimal, ie with the greatest efficiency. Throughout life we are fully assimilated (and, therefore, use as a tool to adapt to the social environment), only those stereotypes that allow you to accept our individual capabilities, internal conditions.
Our knowledge, skills, attitudes, evaluations, preferences, etc. there is a set of stereotypes. We arrange the appearance, improves health and pay tribute to sanitation and hygiene, we solve a wide range of professional tasks, get acquainted with others, take food, its attitude to global problems, admittedly in love and doing it stereotyped. Before we just received many generations. They also taught us that and. Even if someone is trying to be original or, say, to fight against common stereotypes, he does it too stereotyped. Social life in store just in case the original and stereotypes, and protest, and marginal, and even antisocial behavior. In essence, the personality is largely composed of digestible her lifelong stereotypes.
Exactly what we eat with a fork and a spoon and go to 2 feet is stereotypes. And uniquely in the person of his only set of stereotypes.

Andrew Smirnov

Stereotypes are the simplified view of the world, unfamiliar objects and events. For example, a man in glasses, must know a lot. This is not true. Glasses are worn sick people. With Russia is firmly linked stereotypes such as "vodka", "balalayka", bears. Sometimes is mention "Red Square".
Watching this is video, I noticed that England are know about America more than about Russia. This is normal. Because their languages ​​are almost identical.
But I am disagree with their opinion about Russia. Because for the British and Americans, Russia is the country with another language and other traditions.
Stereotypes do not depend on one person. They arise from a mass culture, newspapers, and news. Understanding comes through understanding the world. And if the human never been to Russia, he will not know anything about Russia. For me it is a strange country is China. Because I do not know anything about Chinese society.
"Where do racial stereotypes come from?"
Because of the lack of information. But not all. Some stereotypes are based on the experience of generations. But the people and societies are changing. Stereotypes are also changing.
Forbid stereotypes are impossible. Becouse forbid people think are impossible.

Nowadays there are a lot of stereotypes. Stereotype is preconceived attitudes about whay is happening. The main stereotype about Britain isthat it is considered to be the land of tradition. Actually,that is partly true, because British traditions are carefully kept within the country, but on the public level. For instance, the annual ceremony of state opening of Parliament carefully follows customs, which are centuries old. However, in their private everyday lives, the British are less inclined to follow traditions. The country has fewer local parades or processions with folk roots than most other countries have. I agree thatstereotypes come from society, news, media, history, etc. I don't think that stereotypes are usually accurate. Even if we wanted to stereotypes could not be made illegal. You cannot control a persons thoughts.


Steretipy it when people make incorrect judgments about anyone or anything in my life situations related to stereotypes not happening. Part of Americans think that vodka is popular in Russia, it is not, in Russia there are a lot of popular people and except for Gorbachev, it is writers, composers, and gained fame for Ktorov all mir. People are least informed. "Some are partially rooted in reality or observation, others are just hyperbole or outright lies." I agree with that, but there are stereotypes, which indeed may be taken from the truth,but they can not get hung up because things are changing, and stereotypes arealready obsolete, but people continue to hold for them. Maybe there are sterotipy accurate, but I do not know any. I never met these people,never in life.Stereotypes not impossible to do not lawful, as it is people's minds and think people should be free.

Savin Nikita

Stereotypes, in my opinion, it is people own conclusions about anything arising from false impressions.

In my life I have had many such cases.

Some Americans thought that vodka is the most popular thing in Russia, but in fact it is not. In our country, so many creative people, great cities and a strong spirit of the people.

No longer valid steriotipy those who know little about what judges.

"Some of them are partially rooted in reality, or supervision, while others simply hyperbole or downright lies."

I agree with that, but there are stereotypes that can actually be taken away from the truth, but they can not get hung up because things are changing and stereotypes areal ready obsolete, but people continue to hold for them. Stereotypes may not be accurate at all.

I do not think that stereotypes should be illegal, because they actually have some thoughts, and deprived of freedom of thought, we deprive the freedom to live.