Task 1. Write letters to your epals covering the following questions:
What type of climate is dominant in your epal's country. What type of terrain is the city your e-pal is from? Is it a rural or urban area? How do the people there adjust to the seasons? (clothing and traveling)

Task 2.
a. Answer the following questions in written:

Has the World Warmed?
Are Human Activities Contributing to Climate Change?
What Human Activities Contribute to Climate Change?
What are climate change and global warming, and how are they related?
What is abrupt climate change?
Can abrupt climate change really happen in a matter of days?
Can global warming lead to an ice age?

b. Make a list of the Internet resouces you use and write a short annotation to each.

Task 3. Watch a trailer on youtube. What is the movie "The day after tomorrow" about?
Can what happens in The Day After Tomorrow happen in the real life? Write an essay (15-18 sentences).